Oh umm I haven’t wrote this yet. I didn’t think anyone would read it. Why are you here anyway?

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  1. Helllo, I am not sure, if you are Moby Motion, the author of the awesome and amazing Physsassist tool for Blender for building tower destructions, simulating accurately and correctly in a easy way the Keva planks tower youtube videos.

    Please I have a question before buying it

    I have seen that all the bricks of the tower to be built has exactly same plain material, and I want to ask if there could be a way to have random coloured bricks in different colors each brick, or even furthrmore if there could be a random materials for each of the bricks taken for a group of materials,
    Thanks very much.
    Best regards

    • Hi! Yep, I’m Moby Motion.

      That isn’t a feature of my plugin, no. But once the tower has been created you can change the materials to whatever you want, albeit manually.

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